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Tax Debts: Legal Representation in Tax Problems

Paying taxes can become extremely difficult in the current economy. When you need to pay for your everyday obligations and needs and are not able to pay state or federal taxes, the situation can become very dangerous in a short period of time. The taxing authorities have broad powers and eventually will place liens upon any property you own, or can access your bank accounts through levies in an attempt to get the taxes owed, or will garnish your wages, making your personal financial situation even more difficult. When you need an attorney to go head-to-head with the IRS or other tax authority, an attorney from Price Law Group has the experience you need to get these difficult issues under control and back on track.

Tax Resolution

The attorney from the firm will work directly with the IRS and work out a solution on your behalf. These solutions could include an Offer in Compromise or an installment agreement. Wage garnishments can be halted in most cases while the attorney works with them in making arrangements to bring your tax issues under control.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that people are struggling financially in the current economy. The IRS is not going to back off and will continue to move forward to collect all that you owe. As they have ever increasing penalties and interest, it could seem that it will never be possible to satisfy the debt. These issues can be addressed by an attorney from the firm, and get them under control so that you can move on with your life without the constant threat of financial damage from the IRS or state.

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