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Your Legal Resource for Debt Management

Filing for bankruptcy is a difficult decision. Millions of people in the country are struggling with debt and unable to keep their heads above water, no matter how much they juggle their finances and try to meet their obligations. If you are in the position of facing unmanageable debt, you need help, and you need it quickly. The longer the situation continues, the more serious it becomes.

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Contacting a committed lawyer from Price Law Group could be the most important call you make. The firm has assisted over 100,000 individuals to discharge their debt and could move forward quickly to help you get your financial troubles under control. Debt settlement is only a call away and with more than 20 years of experience, our legal team knows how to get you there.

Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

One of the most common cases that we handle is Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which is total bankruptcy. If your debts have skyrocketed to an unmanageable level, it would be a good idea to discover if you are eligible for this kind of debt relief. In order to file for Chapter 7 you must first pass a means test. This determines if the family or individual has the means to pay off their financial debt without the help of the government. In the event that this test is not passed, it is a good option to look at Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is more of a reorganization of debts. It allows for individuals to place their debts into more manageable payments as long as they have enough disposable income to fund this type of plan. While Chapter 7 is more of a liquidation of debts where most all of the money owed is wiped out, this type makes the debt easier to tackle.

There are strict laws regarding each form of filing and stipulations that keep people from petitioning more than once within a 180 day period. Our firm will fight to see that strict bankruptcy regulations imposed by the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act don't hold you back from getting the solutions you deserve.

Protecting You from Creditors

According to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), there are certain things that a creditor or collections company can and cannot do. If you believe that you are being harassed or threatened by your creditor then our firm is prepared to fight for your defense. Debt is a stressful enough circumstance; the last thing that you need is added pressure from your creditors.

Did you know that as soon as you start the process of filing for bankruptcy, creditors must cease calling you immediately? This is called an automatic stay, and it is just one of the many advantages of bankruptcy. Creditor misconduct will not be tolerated on our watch. Price Law Group is not only committed to helping you out of your debt, but committed to defending you while you are in your debt.

Myths About Bankruptcy

There are many bankruptcy myths that are false; never accept information from any source other than a trusted bankruptcy lawyer, or you could make matters worse for yourself. The firm will give you straight answers for all of your concerns. They also assist in estate planning, and can advise you about the benefits of bankruptcy as well as what life after bankruptcy will mean for you and your family. There is a stigma attached to bankruptcy that has many people believing that they can't repair credit.

The truth is that bankruptcy can give you a clean enough slate to quickly build good credit and improve your score. Get the truth and get trusted legal representation if you are considering filing for bankruptcy or are under severe financial stress and looking for a solution that will bring you relief. Please contact Price Law Group today if you are ready to take the first steps toward managing your debt!

Services We Provide

Attorneys from Price Law Group are apt to handle a number of different bankruptcy related issues in order to benefit our clients. We aim to provide the best possible solution to their debt. This may include filing for bankruptcy which can be a tricky process to decipher on your own. You may be wondering if you even qualify for bankruptcy. Our legal representatives can sit down with you, evaluate your finances and inform you of your best possible option.

We can also help you realize the choices that you have outside of bankruptcy. Many people come to us and are surprise to learn that they can manage their debts in alternate ways. Some of these options include loan modifications and short sale negotiation. Services such as these can get you back on your feet, help you keep your house and relieve you of financial stress.

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